What Are The Pros and Cons To The Amazon Associates Program?

Hundreds of online marketers are successfully supporting themselves full time by promoting amazon products. By using Chris Guthrie’s Newest Product strategies they are able to gain insights. Many people are leery to promote them because the commission is very low, but there are many upsides to joining the amazon associate program.

One of the best things about selling for amazon is that it is a very trusted business, most people have used it in the past and already have an account. So buying from them isn’t new or an idea they need to get used to. Because users see amazon as a trusted site, it makes selling that much easier. That is how Chris Guthrie’s Newest Product strategies can help users.

Another great thing about selling amazon products is that you can make a commission on all the items, whether you promote them or not. If a user goes to amazon through your link but purchases more items than just what you promote, you will make commission on all of the products. This makes your earning potential much higher.

The wide variety of products also means that you will be able to find something to promote in almost every niche. Even small micro-niche marketers will be able to find products to promote on their site via amazon. This means you can monetize more niches much easier.

Because of Amazons well known image, the conversion rate with amazon products tends to be much higher than with other affiliate markets. Most people prefer to spend their money in a familiar place, than with an unknown vendor or small business. This makes the Amazon Associates program one of the most lucrative options available.

There are a lot of ways you can promote Amazon products. Product review sites, blogs and book reviews are some of the most common ways to get on the Amazon band wagon and start making money fast.

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